Frenkie de Jong Wants To Stay At Barclona

Frenkie de Jong Wants To Stay At Barclona

Frenkie de Jong Wants To Stay At Barclona. Frekie de Jong appears to be downplaying the possibillity of a move to Manchester United. He admits he wants to play for Barcelona next season.

Eric Haag is Currently looking for a few new players to strengthen his team. The Mail Sport reports United made a £70million offer for him last June and his deal is almost 90% complete.

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Despite sending club representatives ti Spain, MU was unable to sign a formal contract. There are evenr claims now that De Jong has admitted he wants to remain at the La Liga club.

But that hasn’t stopped the Red Devils form once again ecprassing interest in the Barca midfielder. Earlier, De Jong ten Hag was also said ti have expressed a desire ti join the club.

However, the 26- year- ols has changed his mind and now claimns he is comfortable at the Camp Nou, Which will undoubtedly be a big blow for the Ten Hague side. De Jong was asked by the Fetval Internaltional if he wuld star after this summer. “Las summer, even when it was tough for a while, I was aware of it.

Frenkie de Jong also admitted that he always wanted to stay at Barcelona. Thank’s to that, I felt less stressed last summer.

“Also, I just signed a contract ectension. So I always feel in control and I can make my own decisions,” De Jong added

“So I’m nit worriwd about that. I feel good at Barcelona and I think I’ll keep [playing here next season.”

Casting as Sergio Busquets

Frenkie De Jong joined the club in 2019 and his contract expires in 226. The midfirlder is now ecpected to take ove the role left by Sergio Busquets this Summer.

“Next season will be deffirent withiut Busquets. He played for Barcelona for 15 years. When a great player leaves, he will otice it,” he said of the leavung club legend. “I really enjoy playing with him, especially when we are standing next to each other. have learned a lot from him.”

How ever, questions remain about his future at the club. Report emerged last motng that Barcelona Could ask the midfilder to take a pay cut after the club’s financial troubles.

Meanwhile, Man United are reportedly set to announce a new owner soon, with Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al-Thani waiting to be announced as the club’s new owner. This later acquisition could have serious cansequences. One of them is how much time ten Haag has been able to spend this summer as United look to moce Atalanta striker Rasmus Holjund and Brentford’s David Raya. Frenkie de Jong Wants To Stay At Barclona