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New Player? Know The Slot Rules First

Playing online slot machines are not much different from playing the slot machines which can be found in land-based casinos. There might be some variations to some slot rules, but generally they work in the same manner. Slot machines have existed for more than a hundred years already, so more or less, people have the idea of how the game is played.

How do you start playing a slot machine? First you insert your coins, and then you have to spin the reel. The reel will then spin and all you have to do is to wait for it to come to a halt. When the reel stops spinning, you have to check the “pay out line” if you got the winning combination of numbers or symbols.

Let me give you a few examples of slot rules base on what type of slot machine you are playing. First, let us discuss the slot rules when playing a Mega spin slot. Playing a Mega Spin slot is like playing a number of Three Reel Slots. Standard Mega Spin Slots will have six three-reel slots. Each of these slots will have a separate pay-out line. This means that you have six chances of winning each game.

Another type of slot machine is the Five Reels slot machines. The rule of the game is that, there are nine possible pay out lines. This means that you have nine possible ways to win each game. You just have to get any one combination.

Another exciting slot machine is the Feature slot. If the five reels slot machine has nine possible pay out lines, the feature slot has 15 possible ways of winning. Isn’t that great? What is more amazing is that, there is a wild card symbol which can be used to complete a combination.

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The three reel slot machine has three reels, as the name suggests. There are five possible pay out lines namely middle row, top row, bottom row, right diagonal and left diagonal. You just have to get one combination right for you to be able to win.

Another type of slot machine is the Bonus slot. Only one pay out line is available for the bonus slot machine. The pay out line is the middle row. If the special bonus symbol is displayed on the pay out line, you will have another chance to spin.

To be able to make the most of your game, you must understand the slot rules of the game before you actually play them.