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From our RatPackers


1,600+ Google & Facebook reviews


1,600+ Google & Facebook reviews

Absolutely recommended to anyone wanting to take the stress out of booking a camper van! Ben made the process for me so smooth and he genuinely cared for what my trip entailed and catered right to it! Blown away with his kindness and couldn’t be more happy with the price and deal we go for our van!

10/10 service! So helpful and friendly! Looking forward to heading on the trip already 😊

Chiara Ocampo
30 May 2024

Jenna & Ryan are very professionals and helpful. Wish them the best

This shout out is for James! He took all of our worries,stress and anxiety about our up coming snow road trip and chucked them out the window. In under 30 minutes he had us booked with a better deal,upgraded vehicle and many laughs. Just for his service alone we will be back for every holiday! Thanks heaps James we look forward to our holiday because of you, now I can drive to Sydney today with a clear mind and no worries of having to sleep on my bike in the middle of the snow ⛄️ I have to mention his concern for safety was top notch with not wanting myself or my partner to have a bed fall on our heads again 😂

Lucy Sudworth
29 May 2024

Jenna and Ryan were very helpful from the beginning to the end of the booking process. They shared all the details needed for our trip and in good time. Once our trip had been confirmed Ryan supported us through the phone call explaining next steps, payment and the process. We are very happy with the service we received! Thank you again and we look forward to our trip!

Rachel Boyd
29 May 2024

Ben made our camper van booking experience a breeze, very professional and easy process, would be happy to recommend to anyone!

Chloe Brough
29 May 2024

Mikey was very efficient and easy to deal with, we booked a camper and the whole process took around 1 hour from him getting us prices, speaking to different dealerships and us paying our deposit. He was happy to answer any questions we had and shared lots of information regarding routes, campsites and the day to day travel in a camper. We would definitely recommend!

ross leondiou
29 May 2024

They were super helpful in finding me a motor home at the last minute—-received great assistance from James

Cathy A
28 May 2024

Ben from Ratpack Travel was absolutely amazing in helping find the perfect van & best deal for our dream WA holiday. Best customer service ever! They know their products inside out & I would use them again & again!

Blake Seers
27 May 2024

George was awesome to deal with! Really knowledgeable and very helpful. Highly recommend!

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We provide the wheels.
You hit the road.

Blending freedom and flexibility with open road travel and anywhere accommodation is why our campervan hire in Melbourne is the dream experience for young travellers seeking independence and lifetime memories.

Discover the captivating charm of Melbourne, where you can immerse yourself in the city’s lively ambience or embark on an extraordinary adventure to explore its diverse treasures. Be in control of your dream journey, and savour an epic, all-time travelling experience  with a campervan rental from RatPack.

Buzzing for the vibe? Get in touch today.

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Why book your campervan with RatPack?

So, what makes RatPack any better than your average campervan hire in Melbourne?

Well, a few things:

We’re cheaper than booking online

Booking doesn’t have to be gnarly. Our travel gurus get the best rates from the best operators. And once you’re satisfied, we provide a discount, making it even cheaper than booking online.

Come rain or shine, we only book you a campervan in Melbourne city, if we can make it cheaper than the online rate. That’s the RatPack guarantee!

Zero charges for date changes

As travellers ourselves, we appreciate that dates can change while you’re out doing your thing and living your best life. That’s why we don’t charge for any late cancellations or amendments, giving you more dollars to spend on the important stuff.

Personalised service

When it comes to Aus, we’ve been there and got the t-shirt. Our travel guru team come with bags of lived travel experience. We have excellent knowledge of the best travel routes and campervan hire providers in Australia, making sure you strike the best deal for a once in a lifetime trip.

5-star reviews

Since launching in 2016, we’ve received more 5-star reviews than any other Aussie travel agent! And it all comes down to our approach. We believe in going above and beyond for your trip down under.

We combine our awesome camper hire knowledge and experience with our passion to deliver an amazing experience for our clients. No exceptions.

The RatPack Promise

We know what it feels like to have a negative travel experience. It blows. In fact, it’s one of the core reasons we founded our business in the first place. The good news is we’re here to give you the best campervan hire service and deals.

Rather than trying to be the biggest at what we do, we made it our mission to become the best. It’s this philosophy that’s allowed us to make so many longstanding relationships with every reputable campervan rental and tour guide in the game.

Based on these principles with the values of backpack travel, we live and breathe campervan hire every day from our HQ in Byron Bay.

So, if you’re ever passing through, drop in and say hey. We’d love to hear about your adventures.

What you need to know about renting a campervan in Melbourne

How much does it cost to hire a campervan in Melbourne?

Campervan rentals in Melbourne come at a wide range of prices, typically ranging from AUD $60 to $500 per day, with most fees included. The various campervan rentals and campervan rental companies‘ rates can vary based on several factors including:


Larger campervans with more amenities and space may cost more than smaller ones.


Newever campervan rentals with modern features might have a higher rental rate compared to older models.


Campervan hires with additional features like a built-in shower, toilet, kitchen appliances, and entertainment systems may have higher prices.

Length of Stay

The longer you stay in your epic camper hire, the more likely it is you will get discounts or lower daily rates.

Time of Year

Depending on when you want to go Down Under, prices can fluctuate based on the demand and peak seasons, with higher rates during popular travel times – everyone wants those summer vibes!

But don’t worry – we’ve got your back! Our knowledge of the best campervan rental companies, travel routes and the cheapest campervan hire and providers in Melbourne is at your disposal to plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip. With our expertise, you can be confident that you will have a well-planned and unforgettable campervan adventure – without breaking the bank!

Get in touch today to start planning your epic Aussie adventure.

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When is the cheapest time to hire a campervan in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a campervan rental in Melbourne and want to snag the best deals, we defo recommend travelling from April through September!

You can also find reasonably-priced campervan rentals in Melbourne during February and March, making them an ideal choice for adventurers looking for a balance between perfect sunny weather and cheap rates!

By planning your motorhome hire adventure during the cheaper months, you can save some dollars while still enjoying the stunning landscapes, picturesque and scenic coastal drives, and exciting destinations that Melbourne and its surrounding areas have to offer.


How our campervan hire works: The process from start to finish

Getting started is a piece of cake. We arrange for our roadies to pick up their perfect campers from the following locations:

Australia East Coast Locations

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Cairns
  • Gold Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Sydney

Australia East Coast Locations

  • Alice Springs
  • Darwin
  • Cairns
  • Perth
  • Hobart (Tasmania)

New Zealand Locations

  • Auckland
  • Christchurch
  • Queenstown

Next you simply let us find you the best rates.

1) You submit your travel dates, locations and number of people travelling

2) We search the market for the best-rated and most affordable campervan rental options

3) We will send you the best options. Once you’re happy, we’ll provide a discount.

The RataPack Promise: cheaper than booking on the comparison sites! Guaranteed. 

Campervan hire options: Which campervan will you choose?

Regardless of your budget and preferences, we’ll partner you with the ideal camper that meets your requirements.

Here is a list of our classic campervan options.

The 2-seater, 2-sleeper

With a cosy bed in the back, the two-berth campervan rental is super easy and ideal for two people planning a short campervan road trip through Melbourne.

The Hi Top

With space to stand, cook and lounge, this three-berth beaut of a camper is perfect for two or three setting out on a long adventure. Now, that’s a bit of us.

The Motorhome

A boujee choice providing you with a new luxurious home on wheels, a six-berth motorhome rental in Melbourne is the best option for large groups/families regardless of how long you expect to be on the road.

A guide to driving your campervan hire in Melbourne

Ready to hit the road in your Melbourne campervan rental? We’ve got the best tips to keep you cruising safely and confidently.

First things first, you’re Down Under now so remember to drive on the left! It might take some getting used to, but practice makes perfect!

Speaking of the city, watch out for trams—give ’em way and overtake ’em to the left. And don’t forget about those “hook turns” at certain intersections with trams—they’re legal and common here.

Now, when you’re behind the wheel of your motorhome, remember it’s a bit bigger than your regular ride. Take care with your space, especially in urban areas.

If you’re headed into the Outback, be prepared! Carry plenty of food and water, just in case you find yourself stuck in a remote area. Stick to marked and paved roads, and fill up with fuel whenever you get the chance.

Lastly, when you pick up your camper hire, take note of all the info provided. Jot down those important details so you’re comfy with operating your new set of wheels.

Are there toll roads in Melbourne?

When ya hit the roads in Melbourne, you’ve gotta watch out for the roll roads!

Some of these include:


CityLink is a network of tolled urban freeways, linking the Tullamarine Freeway, West Gate Freeway, and Monash Freeway. It comes in two sections: the Southern and Western Links.



EastLink is a tolled section of the M3 freeway, connecting the Eastern Freeway to the Frankston Freeway. It’s a vital link between Melbourne’s eastern and southeastern suburbs.

These toll roads use electronic tolling systems, like e-TAG, to collect fees automatically as ya roll through the toll points. So, before you hit the road, make sure to suss out the toll roads and the payment methods available! Wouldn’t want any surprises on your epic campervan road trip, right?


Parking a Campervan Rental in Melbourne

If you’re planning to hit the vibrant streets of Melbourne with your trusty home-on-wheels, you better buckle up for some parking adventures.

Melbourne, like any other city, can give you a run for your money when it comes to finding a good spot for your camper – it can honestly be a real pain in the neck, especially when you’re near the CBD or more crowded areas.

But fear not, we’re here to help you navigate through the parking maze like a pro! From paid bays to free gems, we’ve got the lowdown on where to park your camper so you can focus on enjoying all the awesomeness this city has to offer.

Where are some of the best places to park your Melbourne motorhome rental?

Melbourne runs around 11,000 paid secure parking spaces all over the city centre, but watch out, because most inner-city bays will only give you an hour for a whopping 7 bucks! If, like us, that is nowhere near enough time to take in all the city has to offer, then you will need to find alternative parking. We defo recommend off-street car parks like the one on Elgin Street.


For a more budget-friendly option, you can check out the council-run parking bays outside the CBD – running at under 5 bucks per hour, and even cheaper for longer stays. And if you’re lucky, you might find a few free secure parking spots in inner-city spots like Burnley or Docklands.

Now, if you’re rollin’ in a big camper, you might wanna think twice before squeezing it into the cramped city. Many travellers prefer to park in the outer suburbs and catch some public transport to get into town. It’s cheaper and less of a headache, trust us!

Where can you park a campervan overnight in Melbourne?

But what about staying overnight? Don’t worry – we’re here to keep you in the loop!

State laws don’t have a problem with free camping, but Melbourne has a bit of a bugbear with sleeping overnight in your vehicle outside of designated campsites. They might enforce it here and there, but it’s not super consistent.

So, if you’re looking to camp close to the CBD, you won’t find any free secure parking spots. The closest paid campground is the BIG4 Melbourne Holiday Park in Coburg, a generous 25-minute drive away.


But don’t worry, once you’re outta the city, the world’s your oyster! Melbourne’s got plenty of ripper free camps spread all over the place, especially in the quiet inland areas. We’ve got some real top-notch favourites, like Ada River Campground, Plantation in The Grampians, Reeves Beach, Butts Reserve, 90 Mile Beach, and Aysons Reserve. So, grab your bags and let the camping adventures begin!

What to see and do with a motorhome hire Melbourne?

Here are some of our top recommendations for when you’re exploring Melbourne in your trusty campervan:

Penguin Parade

Just 90 minutes outside of Melbourne, you will find Phillip Island’s Penguin Parade.

Picture this: little penguins waddling back to their home every evening at sunset – talk about a once-in-a-lifetime must-see experience!

You can even choose between a self-guided viewing or joining ranger-guided tours for a closer look.

Twelve Apostles

We can’t talk about the Great Ocean Road trips from Melbourne without mentioning the iconic Twelve Apostles! These limestone sea stacks located in Port Campbell National Park are the shining stars of the Great Ocean Road.

Coupled with breathtaking coastal cliffs and beaches, these rock formations are one of Australia’s most famous natural wonders. Trust us, they’re a sight you won’t want to miss on your RV adventure.


Healesville Sanctuary

Nature lovers – this one’s for you. If you’re keen to get up close and personal with Australia’s unique wildlife, Healesville Sanctuary is the place to be. This zoo is all about conserving our native fauna, so get ready to meet koalas, dingoes, kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and a whole bunch of fascinating reptiles and birds.

Now, here’s a real ripper: Healesville Sanctuary is one of the very few spots in the whole world that has successfully bred a platypus in captivity. You heard that right – this little Aussie icon is right here, waiting to meet you!

So hop on over and experience the magic of Australia’s wildlife in a place dedicated to their preservation. It’s a bonza day out for the whole family!



Make your way to Ballarat, a lively town with wide boulevards and a rich history. Once a booming gold rush town, it is now a treasure of Victorian-era buildings, parks, and fascinating museums – it’s a top-notch spot to learn about Aussie history.


St Kilda Beach

If you’re after those sunny beach vibes, look no further than St Kilda beach. This is a true gem nestled in St Kilda, Victoria, just a stone’s throw away from the CBD. When the sun’s out, this place is where you wanna be.

You’ll spot folks strolling, jogging, and even zipping by on rollerblades. And let’s not forget the kitesurfers, windsurfers, and fearless all-weather swimmers.

You can even wrap up your beach day with a chill hangout at the St Kilda Sea Baths, where the bars and restaurants are as welcoming as the sea breeze.

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National Parks Around Melbourne

Grampians National Park

If you’re looking for a real gem, head west of Melbourne about 260 km to the Grampians National Park, often known simply as Grampians. This place is an absolute stunner, with jaw-dropping mountain ranges and some of the richest Aboriginal rock art sites in southeastern Australia.

Get your hike on, ’cause there are heaps of epic trails crisscrossing the mountains, offering you the best views and an unforgettable experience. And if you’re travelling in your trusty rental campervan, no worries! There are plenty of campgrounds to set up your basecamp so you can properly immerse yourself in the beauty of the Grampians.


Wilsons Promontory National Park

If you’re hankering for an epic campervan road trip from Melbourne, look no further than Wilsons Promontory National Park. Located about 160 km southeast of Melbourne, this place is the bee’s knees!

Get ready for a top-notch adventure with fantastic campgrounds, both short and long hiking trails, and ripper boating opportunities. And the best part? You’ll be chilling with the locals—kangaroos, emus, and wombats! Yeeeeeeeeew!

On the coast, keep your eyes peeled, ’cause you might just spot some cheeky penguins, sea lions, dolphins, and even orcas if you’re lucky! Wilsons Promontory is an absolute gem, and you won’t want to miss it!


Great Otway National Park

Great Otway National Park is a wicked part of the Great Ocean Road that you don’t wanna miss. This place has it all – wild coasts, sandy beaches, mesmerising waterfalls, and lush temperate rainforests in the Otway hinterlands.

And if you’re keen for a hike, you’re in luck! There are heaps of trails to choose from, including the epic Great Ocean Walk that’ll take you on a grand adventure. Even better, the campgrounds here offer a great opportunity to see some adorable koalas up close and personal.


Keep your eyes peeled, ’cause from the coast, you might even spot some of the native wildlife including playful dolphins or majestic whales swimming by – now that’s a bit of us. Great Otway National Park is a true Aussie paradise, so make sure to add it to your bucket list!

Alpine National Park

If you’re keen to escape the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, the Alpine National Park is calling your name. With its stunning alpine landscapes, and vibrant wildflower meadows, this park promises year-round adventures for your epic camper getaway.

So, get your hiking boots ready, ’cause this national park has an abundance of walking tracks, 4WD routes, and horse riding trails that cater to all skill levels. And keep an eye out for those iconic High Country Huts that once sheltered cattlemen – history awaits around every corner.

Mornington Peninsula National Park

If you plan on venturing the coastline of Mornington Peninsula, you’ll stumble across the breathtaking Mornington Peninsula National Park.

Prepare to be awestruck by dramatic coastal scenery, picturesque beaches, and captivating historical sites. This park is a native wildlife haven, offering glimpses of dolphins, seals, and migrating whales!

You can even lace up your boots for the scenic Bushrangers Bay Walk or take on the adventurous Two Bays Walking Track – the choice is yours!


Dandenong Ranges National Park

For a tranquil retreat, just an hour’s drive from Melbourne, the Dandenong Ranges National Park is your haven.

Lush forests, charming villages, and a wide array of walking trails will whisk you away into nature’s embrace. Be enchanted by stunning cool climate gardens and hop aboard the iconic Puffing Billy Steam Railway as it winds through the picturesque landscape.

You can even pay tribute to Aussie soldiers who served during World War II by taking on the popular 1000 steps, and venture into the beautiful Sherbrooke Forest. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders, right at your campervan’s doorstep!


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When is the best time to visit Melbourne?

If you’re keen to explore Melbourne in a ripper campervan hire adventure, the best times to go are early autumn (March to April) and late spring (October to November). You’ll be stocked with the balmy temperatures and fewer crowds for some fair dinkum outdoor adventures! The average daily temps hang around 12°C to 22°C, so it’s spot-on weather for a top-notch experience.

Summer is another beaut time to visit, as the warm sunny weather, with average temps of 16°C to 26°C brings in heaps of eager travellers. The coastal areas stay pretty comfy with the cool ocean breeze, but if you head inland, you might have to sweat through some scorchers. The only bummer is that during the peak season, the beaches can get pretty packed, and school holidays fill up the campsites faster than you can say ‘Aussie’! But hey, it’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?


Now, winter isn’t your typical season for carefree RV hires – the real snowbirds head up north. The skies can get gloomy, the temps chilly, with an average of 7°C to 14°C, and the rain can be a bit of a downer. But if you reckon you can handle it, you’ll score bargain camper rentals and embark on an epic adventure, feeling like you have the whole place to yourself.

So, grab ya mates, get behind the wheel of that camper, and have a bonzer time exploring Melbourne in all its glory!

How long do you need for your Melbourne campervan holiday?

We defo recommend at least five ripper days to soak up Melbourne’s top attractions. And if that ain’t your thing, take even more time for an in-depth exploration of all this city has to offer.

Great Ocean Road

Now, the ideal timeframe for a roadie from Melbourne depends on where you’re headed. If you are looking for a scenic coastal drive, Great Ocean Road is the way to go. We defo recommend planning a solid 5 to 7 days for this Australian adventure. Stretching for a whopping 243 km from Torquay, just west of Melbourne, all the way to Allansford, this road trip is one of the world’s best scenic drives.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the major highlights along the way. From stunners like Bells Beach and the Great Otway National Park to the jaw droppin’ Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park, there’s so much to see and visit. Some may try to rush it, but it’s better to take it easy and savour the stunning scenery at a cruisey pace.


Lucky for us, Melbourne’s a fairly compact city, so travel times are more manageable compared to other parts of Australia. But, let’s be honest, to discover everything this bustling city has to offer, you’d need months of leave – no worries, mate! There’s no harm in making multiple trips Down Under to explore Melbourne’s top attractions.

If it’s your first time hittin’ the road in a campervan, we reckon focus on one specific region instead of trying to cover every corner of the state in one whirlwind road trip here. Take it easy, enjoy the ride, and make the most of your unforgettable campervan adventure in beautiful Victoria!

Check out our Ultimate 2 Week East Coast Itinerary for more places to visit on your campervan road trip!

Campervan hire: Frequently asked questions

Now, just in case you have any questions, here are some classic campervan hire FAQs for you:

How much does it cost to hire a campervan?

The average price for hiring a campervan in Australia can vary between $100-$200 per day. But the overall price you pay depends on a few things:

  • Your campervan
  • When you booked (booking in advance is waaayyy cheaper!)
  • When you want to hire the campervan
  • Seasons of the year can dictate the price. For example, national holidays and Christmas will naturally be more expensive. So, just let us know your travel dates and locations, and we’ll get back to you as fast as we can with the cheapest options.

How old do I need to be to hire a campervan in Australia?

Most campervan hire companies in Australia only accept a minimum age of 21 to hire a campervan. However, some will allow the minimum age to be 18 but these are few and far between.

What driving licence do I need to rent a campervan in Australia?

You don’t need an Australian driver’s licence to hire a campervan, but you’ll need to present a standard driver’s licence that complies with Australian law when collecting the campervan.

So, providing you have a valid class C (car) driving licence, you’ll be good to go. And remember, always keep that licence on you!

What do I need to bring when collecting my campervan in Australia?

When collecting the campervan, you will need a credit or debit card in the name of the driver and all drivers are required to display their driver’s license valid within 12 months.

Is there a minimum rental period when hiring a campervan in Australia?

The minimum rental depends on the campervan hire provider, as some companies have minimum hire periods. Normally the minimum hire period is between 5-7 days. However, extensions can be arranged, especially over the holidays, with some providers allowing a full fortnight’s rental.

Just let us know your dates, and we’re sure we can find you the ideal provider.

Can you sleep anywhere in a campervan in Australia?

Unfortunately, you can’t just park where you want in Australia and sleep in your camper. Keeping your campervan in the wrong place can land you with some steep fines, like in parking lots or no parking zones in big cities.

So, try to find RV-friendly locations or campsites when you’re on the road. Permitted parking areas include national parks, roadside campervan camping, beachside locations, private parks for campervans and certain rest areas.

Can I pick up and drop off my campervan at different locations?

Yes. Depending on your preferred route, we arrange for you to pick up your campervan in one location and drop it off at a different destination.

Once agreed, you’re expected to deliver the camper at the designated time and location. If you want to change course for any reason, we’d need to communicate and agree with the campervan hire provider. We don’t recommend this approach as most providers won’t allow it, while it will potentially cost more.

So, be sure of your route and just hire another one in pursuit of your next adventure!

Are unlimited kilometres included in my Australia campervan rental?

Yes, unlimited kilometres are arranged with a campervan hire provider. Some campervan hire companies will allow unlimited kilometres for specific campervans and not others. For example, some will include unlimited kilometres in two-wheel drives but not four-wheel drives.

When is the best time to hire a campervan in Australia?

Regarding prices, the most cost-effective time to hire a campervan will be during the Australian winter months (June, July, and August). Christmas time and New Year is the most expensive time.

We recommend you travel during the autumn and spring months (March, April, and May – September, October, and November,) when it’s not too hot or as expensive.

What is the speed limit in Australia?

When hitting the open road, you can expect 100km/h in the city and 50km/h in suburban areas. Maximum speed limits in most states get capped at 110km/h.
Speed limits are well signposted, and with Google Maps or Waze, you can see the limits on your screen.

But hiring a camper is not about speed. So, just relax, enjoy the ride, and remember, there is more to life than making it faster!

What extra charges will I need to pay when I return my campervan?

Hopefully none. It’s really up to you. Return your camper in a nice clean condition without any fines and expect no additional charges. This standard includes cleaning and emptying the toilet, a full tank of gas and just a general tidy-up so the camper condition is what it was when you first picked it up. Simple.

But if you don’t return the camper in a respectable condition or it’s been damaged in any way, then no doubt expect some additional charges.

But hey. Accidents can happen, and it’s not the end of the world so don’t panic if it does. That’s what the deposit is for.

Just be careful, obey the laws and stay honest and respectable, like when borrowing anything from anyone.

And before you drive away, if you notice any defects, tell your provider there and then. If you see the odd chip or scratch later, take a picture and notify us. Most campervan providers will note all these features previously as a measure of good practice.


We get the best rates from the best operators in Oz & NZ!