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Check out the Frequently Ask Questions by our customers.

Our team of experts are here every step of the way to help you before and during the trip. Get a head start by having a look at the FAQs below…

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Q: How long should I spend sailing the Whitsundays?2022-12-16T13:07:14+11:00

If you aren’t blessed with a lot of time then the one-day tours are a great option. On a one-day trip, you will see Hill Inlet and Whitehaven beach and have some time to snorkel some of the amazing reefs around the islands.

Our preferred duration if you have the time is a 2 day 2 night tour. The Whitsundays is made up of 74 tropical islands so the multi-day trips allow you to sail in the day and sleep under the stars by night. This is our preferred option when it comes to exploring the islands to the maximum.

On all trips, stinger suits (these are mandatory to stop you from getting stung by any jellyfish) and snorkel equipment are all-inclusive as part of the cost.


Ryan Daly – UK
September 20, 2022

Q: How long should I go to Fraser Island (K’Gari) for?2022-12-16T13:08:57+11:00

We always suggest visiting Fraser Island for 3 days 2 nights. Fraser is VAST and this is no ordinary island. The island has over 100 freshwater lakes and has some natural spots that simply can’t be missed.

The top spots you will visit on a 3-day 2 night tour include Central Station, Lake Wabby, Eli Creek, Maheno Ship Wreck, Indian Head, Champagne Pools and Lake Mckenzie.

We’ve hand-picked the best-rated and most affordable trips to save you the headache. Head over to the Book Now section and hit the Fraser Island tab. Follow the prompts and select the vibe that you are looking for. Our sit will then show you the best possible options for your dates.


Jasmine Morrison – UK
April 2, 2022

Q: Where should I start and finish my East Coast Trip?2022-12-16T13:09:27+11:00

Firstly there is no right or wrong place to start your East Coast trip when it comes to starting in the South / North.

Most people start their trip in either Melbourne or Sydney and finish in Cairns or vice versa.

We always suggest getting in touch with us before booking flights especially if you are booking a campervan rental and tours as there is often a period throughout the year when there is fewer campervan rental in certain areas. You can often guarantee your self availablity and a CHEAPER price if you get in touch prior to booking those flights.


Max Gokhale – UK
June 19, 2022

Q: Which trips should I book in advance on the East Coast?2022-12-16T13:09:53+11:00

There are three trips on the East Coast that you need to plan in advance if you want to visit. They are Fraser Island, Whitsundays & The Great Barrier Reef.

The reason these three locations are a must when it comes to booking a trip is down to a few factors. Availability is the biggest reason to pre-book as the best-rated most affordable trips don’t depart every day, for this reason, tours get booked out 3 – 4 weeks in advance.

For the Great Barrier Reef and The Whitsundays, you need a boat to visit these areas. For obvious reasons, not many people travel with their own super yacht/sailing vessel. For this reason, a tour is a MUST : )

As for Fraser Island, you need a 4×4 offroad vehicle to get around on the island. It works out WAY more affordable to do what is called an organized tag-along tour. This is when a company provides you and a group of BackPackers with a jeep and a tour guide and you are good to GO!

Check out the tours for these areas on our Book a Tour tab and you can select the most suitable vibe.


Dale Driver – UK
December 3, 2022

Q: What time can I pick up and drop off my campervan?2022-12-16T13:10:26+11:00

Super easy, so picking up and dropping off the campervan rental is similar to that of a check-in and check-out time at a hotel. Depending on the camper company we help you book the times will vary. With most companies, you can pick it up anytime from 10 am onwards.

You can arrive at the depot earlier if you wish however the camper company can not guarantee the campervan will be ready as they need to service and clean the vehicle from the previous customer. If the campervan is ready and the documents are signed then they will be more than happy to of course release the camper earlier to you : )

The drop-off time can then be anytime before the close of business. This with most companies is between 3 and 4 pm in the afternoon on the final day. When we make the final reservation for you we will ensure that we supply the exact times to you.


Katie Dutta – UK
October 17, 2022

Q: Do I need to pay for powered camp sites?2022-12-16T13:10:39+11:00

Super easy you will only need to plug into powered campsites if you would like to charge anything that is a 240-volt appliance. ie a laptop, large camera, hair dryer etc.

The majority of campervans have a secondary battery that is charged by the engine when you drive. Providing you drive the campervan for a few hours each days the second battery will remain charged. If you decide to remain stationary for a few days then you can pay the campsite for a powered site where you can then charge the battery.

The second battery also charges the 12-volt fridge so that you can remain off-grid as you travel. Not all campers come with fridges, when you get in touch we’ll give you all the spec details for each available camper so you can decide the best one that fits your budget.


Karl Osborne – UK
November 11, 2022

Q: How do I book the ferry in NZ?2022-12-16T13:10:57+11:00

We specialise in saving you money on campervan rentals and tours. We don’t book the ferry crossing from the North to the South Island as we can’t save you money here so it’s best to book direct. There are two companies…

Blue Bridge & Inter Islander run multiple ferry departures from Wellington to Picton (and vice versa). As a rough guide, we always suggest you spend 1/3 of your time on the North Island and 2/3 of your time on the South Island. This rough guide will help you decide on a booking date for your ferry crossing.

Out of season (winter months), you can be a little more spontaneous when it comes to booking the ferry in advance. If you are travelling in the peak season of December – February we suggest booking the ferry in advance.


Daniel Adamiec – UK
August 15, 2022

Q: How much is a campervan rental per day?2024-01-08T22:36:44+11:00

This is by far the most common question we get asked. The price of a camper will depend on a few factors. The first one is the style of camper you are looking to hire. For example, a large 6-person motorhome with a toilet and shower will be more expensive than a budget backpacker style 2 seater 2 sleeper which is a large car with a bed in the back and a basic kitchen!

Another varying factor when it comes to price is how last minute the booking is, booking in advance is ALWAYS cheaper… when the camper companies have more stock they release lower rates. As the availability diminishes the rates increase!

The season also dictates the daily rental rate. IE if you are picking up a campervan in December around Christmas expect the rates to be higher than travelling in the winter months (June, July and August). Submit your travel dates and locations then we’ll get back to you with the best-rated most affordable options.

Read more about How to Hire a Campervan Rental in Australia in our blog that covers it all!


Sophie Wilkins – UK
March 24, 2022

Q: Where is the best place to pick up and drop off on the East Coast of Oz?2022-12-16T13:11:36+11:00

Again… This one will save you money before we even apply our discount! All the camper companies have a depot in the major cities: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Cairns. Avoid the smaller depots like The Gold Coast as there are only a few companies that operate in the smaller locations so the price in areas like this is, therefore, more expensive!

TOP TIP: Our best advice is to book your campervan before booking flights, at certain times of the year there will be more available in the south meaning you will get a cheaper rate on the camper as there will be more stock. As we always say there are LOTS of flights every day but there are limited campervans. Get in touch before booking the flights and we will send over the best-rated, most affordable options.


Holly Harris – UK
February 20, 2022

Q: Where is the best place to pick up and drop off a camper in NZ?2024-02-14T20:31:23+11:00

This one will save you money before we even apply our discount! All the camper companies have a depot in Auckland and a depot in Christchurch. Only two companies have a depot in Queenstown making a pickup / drop off here a LOT more expensive!

TOP TIP: Our best advice is to book your campervan before booking flights as a pick up in the South Island (Christchurch) and a drop off back to the North Island (Auckland) can often be cheaper. When we jump on a call to go over options we will let you know the cost difference between the two main drop-off locations!


Russell Henning – UK
October 19, 2022

Q: Can I freedom camp in Oz?2022-12-16T13:12:12+11:00

Freedom or free camping in Australia is possible, but it isn’t allowed just anywhere. There are specifically designated areas across the country that are either free or very inexpensive. You’ll find some EPIC free camps as you travel.

We can provide you with some free camp guides and apps to help you easily find the best free spots. When you jump on a call with one of our team be sure to ask where their favourite spots are… we’re always happy to

There are HEAPS (lots) of these FREE campsites around Oz and we’ll help you find them!


Jake Finley – UK
April 9, 2022

Q: Can I freedom camp in NZ?2022-12-16T13:12:30+11:00

Freedom camping is allowed on some sections of public conservation land (these are owned by the Department of Conservation aka DOC), the doc sites that allow camping will be clearly signposted. There are also sections of land that are owned by local councils that allow camping.

There are HEAPS (lots) of these FREE campsites around NZ. When Sammy the owner and operator at RatPack last visited NZ he only stayed in 5 paid campsites (for a hot shower) over a 6-week trip!

In order to stay at these freedom camping spots you will require a campervan that is ‘self-contained’. When we explain the options to you we will always go over which ones are classed as ‘self-contained’.


Lydia Collins – UK
February 21, 2022

Q: Which camper companies can RatPack Travel help me book?2022-12-16T13:13:04+11:00

We have relationships with EVERY reputable camper company in both Australia & New Zealand! Our service is FREE and once we have found you the perfect option for your roadie we’ll apply a discount which makes it cheaper than booking directly.

Once we are chatting over WhatsApp or FaceBook about your trip we can also jump on a call at any stage. A call is the best way to go over the options.


Kate Amery – UK
November 23, 2022

Q: Do I need an international Driving License?2022-12-16T13:13:40+11:00

While driving in Australia & New Zealand a visiting driver must carry their overseas licence with them at all times together with either an international driving permit OR an English translation if the overseas licence is not written in English.

The average cost of an English version of your licence is only around 15 Euros so it’s a minimal cost and worth having to stay on the correct side of the road rules.


Louisa Sigel – Germany
May 5, 2022

Q: Is insurance included when hiring a campervan?2022-12-16T13:14:02+11:00

Once we have found the perfect campervan option for your trip we will then guide you through the insurance options. Insurance options differ depending on the campervan company. There are two main options. The first is a large bond that you are required to pay on arrival, this is your liability. The most popular option is to take the full insurance which ranges from $30 – $60 per day (depending on the company). Once you have the full insuarnce your excess would be reduced to a minimum.

Once we start chatting about your trip the best way to go over these options is via a FREE phone call that we offer to all our customers.


Hanaa El Asla – UK
June 14, 2022


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