Ok, so how much does it cost to hire a motorhome in Australia?

Hiring a motorhome is a wicked way to vibe with Australia’s mind-blowing landscapes, unique wildlife, and epic natural beauty. It’s all about freedom, flexibility, and feeling at home on the open road. 

But, I bet you’re wondering how much to hire a motorhome in Australia? 

No worries, we’ve got your back! Let’s break down the costs and factors influencing motorhome hire in Australia, and we’ll even share some tips for bagging a beaut of a deal on your motorhome adventure.

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Understanding Motorhome Hire Costs in Australia

Hiring a motorhome in Australia is definitely an awesome way to explore this epic land at your own pace. You get to stop wherever the vibe feels right and fully immerse yourself in the Aussie beauty. But before you start your engine, it’s super important to understand the costs involved.

Motorhome hire costs in Australia can be as diverse as the landscapes you’ll be exploring. They’re influenced by the type of vehicle you’re after, the rental company you choose, the time of year you’re planning your roadie, and the length of your adventure. 

Factors Affecting Campervan & Motorhome Hire Prices:

What’s Driving Your Campervan or Motorhome Hire Prices?

There are a few factors that could change up your motorhome hire costs in Australia. Let’s break it down:

  • Your ride: The size and type of motorhome you choose can significantly affect the cost. Bigger, more luxurious vehicles usually cost a bit more than smaller, basic models.
  • Who you’re hiring from: Different rental companies have their own pricing. The RatPack promise ensures we will find the best deal for you no matter what you are looking for.
  • How long you’re on the road: The duration of your hire will also impact the cost. Longer road trips tend to cost more than shorter ones.
  • When you’re travelling: Like a lot of travel-related stuff, the time of year can impact your hire cost. Peak season prices can be a bit steep due to high demand and limited availability, but off-peak season rates can be much more budget-friendly.
  • How far you’re going: The distance you’re planning to cover can add to the cost. Some companies might charge extra if you exceed a certain mileage limit, so it’s good to keep this in mind. We’ll ensure that we only hook you up with companies with unlimited Km’s.
  • One way fee: if you are picking up in Sydney and dropping off in Perth there might be a large one way fee! These are often avoidable IF you book with the right company. Get in touch and we will hook you up with all the info!

Types of Motorhomes Available for Hire

Ready to embark on an epic Aussie roadie, but not sure what kind of wheels to roll with? No worries, we’ve got ya covered! 

Here’s a run-down of the different types of motorhomes available for hire in Australia, each with its unique vibe and features.

Type of Motorhome Luxury Rating Cost What we think
2 seater 2 sleeper Low  Budget $30 to $100 per day  Perfect for a solo or first time BackPacker 
Hi Top  Medium  Budget $60 to $200 per day  Perfect for a couple or small group
Motorhome  High  Budget $90 to $400 per day  Perfect for a honeymoon couple or family


Comparing Motorhome Hire Companies

Choosing the right motorhome rental company can make a significant difference in the cost and quality of your motorhome hire experience. To make life easier, we’ve thrown all of our competitors into a list, so you know what options are out there and saving you the hassle of doing it all yourself.

Popular Motorhome Hire Companies in Australia That We Can Help You Book:

Britz, Maui, Mighty, Apollo and Cheapa are known for their well-maintained and modern motorhomes that cater to families and couples. They offer a range of vehicles, from budget to luxury and you can book any of these through us! 

Jucy, Spaceships, Travellers Autobarn and Camperman are popular campervan rental companies but if you’re looking for something personalised, we advise you to book with us! We go the extra mile to make sure you have the BEST experience. 


Why we think RatPack is the only real option for campervan & motorhome rental in Australia;

We might be biased but there are many reasons we think you should choose RatPack for your camper hire.

We are a group of young experienced travellers who have travelled all over Australia in this exact way! 

We’ve been there, done it, and got the t-shirt so we feel well equipped to support you in making your Aussie road trip campervan rental experience banging. 

  • The service is personal, we will look after you from the first phone call to keys in the ignition! It’s our promise. 
  • Our service is cheaper than booking via any online comparison. We’ve spent a lot of time working on and building epic relationships with our suppliers to provide you with the best deals.
  • Since our launch in 2016 we have more 5* reviews than any other Aussie travel agent. We will do everything we can to get that 5* review.
  • We compare every rate out there taking away all the hard work required to get you on the road for less. Click here and we’ll compare the rates
  • Unlike the generic comparison sites we’ll check the LIVE availability to ensure the rates campervan you are looking for is valid for your travel dates.


Evaluating Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Choosing your motorhome rental company is a big decision, and we reckon it’s super important to see what other travellers have to say before you commit. No stress, we’ve got your back! We recommend checking out customer reviews and testimonials on google to get a feel for the vibe of the company. You can see our reviews HERE

Diving into customer reviews can help you spot any potential hiccups or issues with a particular company. It’s also a great way to gauge the level of customer service you can expect during your Aussie or NZ roadie.

Remember, though, not all reviews are as honest as an Aussie BBQ invitation! Some might be a bit dodgy or biased. To get a true picture of a company’s rep, it’s best to read reviews from a variety of sources.

At RatPack Travel, we’re buzzing to say that we’ve got more 5* reviews than any other Australian travel agent since our launch in 2016!

We’ll defo keep you in the loop and do everything we can to earn your 5* review. That’s the RatPack guarantee! Yeeeeeeeeew!

Click here to read our FB reviews. 

Click here to read our Google reviews. 

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1,600+ Google & Facebook reviews

Absolutely recommended to anyone wanting to take the stress out of booking a camper van! Ben made the process for me so smooth and he genuinely cared for what my trip entailed and catered right to it! Blown away with his kindness and couldn’t be more happy with the price and deal we go for our van!

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Jenna & Ryan are very professionals and helpful. Wish them the best

This shout out is for James! He took all of our worries,stress and anxiety about our up coming snow road trip and chucked them out the window. In under 30 minutes he had us booked with a better deal,upgraded vehicle and many laughs. Just for his service alone we will be back for every holiday! Thanks heaps James we look forward to our holiday because of you, now I can drive to Sydney today with a clear mind and no worries of having to sleep on my bike in the middle of the snow ⛄️ I have to mention his concern for safety was top notch with not wanting myself or my partner to have a bed fall on our heads again 😂

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Jenna and Ryan were very helpful from the beginning to the end of the booking process. They shared all the details needed for our trip and in good time. Once our trip had been confirmed Ryan supported us through the phone call explaining next steps, payment and the process. We are very happy with the service we received! Thank you again and we look forward to our trip!

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Ben made our camper van booking experience a breeze, very professional and easy process, would be happy to recommend to anyone!

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Mikey was very efficient and easy to deal with, we booked a camper and the whole process took around 1 hour from him getting us prices, speaking to different dealerships and us paying our deposit. He was happy to answer any questions we had and shared lots of information regarding routes, campsites and the day to day travel in a camper. We would definitely recommend!

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They were super helpful in finding me a motor home at the last minute—-received great assistance from James

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Ben from Ratpack Travel was absolutely amazing in helping find the perfect van & best deal for our dream WA holiday. Best customer service ever! They know their products inside out & I would use them again & again!

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The service at RatPack-Travel is absolutely great! Ryan took a lot of time to answer all my questions and always clarified everything very quickly. The telephone consultations were easy to understand and everything was clearly explained. Even when my plans changed and I had to adjust my booking, he clarified everything directly with the car rental company and I was able to adjust my booking very quickly and without any problems. I always received an answer within minutes. I am extremely satisfied, thank you Ryan from RatPack-Travel!

James Help us in all the proces and was an absolute Legend! He found the best deal posible for what we wanted to do and withing the buddget. Also provided us with some helpfull information for sugesting itinerarys on things to do and see, as well of apps for finding campsites and campervan sites. 1000% recomended! what a grat custumer service And if this wasnt enought all the service was free!

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Thank you Lucas for making it easy to book mum and my camping holiday. You were patient and a joy to deal with. You were able to get a great rate of payment and your help was much appreciated.

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Anna was so helpful and kind, she helped me book a van for my friend and I. She was on top of all my questions and was so lovely to work with 😁

Just booked a van for NZ for 2 weeks. Ben made the booking so easy and hassle free, will definitely be recommending RatPack in the future

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